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Implementation of GBT during implant maintenance

Peri-implant pathologies

Peri-implant pathologies are conditions with a high prevalence in the population, which limits the success of the rehabilitations supported by implants. Viable biofilm control in terms of quantity and aggressiveness is of particular importance in limiting inflammation caused by biofilm and which can lead to either bone loss or loss of soft tissue. Doing it minimally invasively, preserving soft tissues, and with patient comfort allows him to adhere to a maintenance protocol that will be maintained in the long run. In addition, the preservation of the integrity of the treated surfaces favors the possibility of repetition of the treatment over the years, several times a year, without damaging the rehabilitations, namely the implant, abutment, and the prosthetic structure. Guided Biofilm Therapy systematizes clinically the procedures necessary to achieve these goals while allowing clinical efficacy and comfort for the patient. This concept is boosted by the set of devices, technology and powders, whose application we will describe. In this webinar we will highlight the clinical procedures used in order to maintain adequate peri-implant health in a maintenance phase, describing their potentialities and limitations, using documentation with clinical cases.

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