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Practical Implementation of the Digital workflow from the clinical development to the laboratory and back.

Computers make our work faster and life easier, once you know how to use specific tools. The ‘once’ raises many questions. What are the minimum requirements to apply digital workflows? What do you need to work fully digital, and most importantly – what can you expect.

By the end of this Webinar you will:

Understand which scanbodies work for each case or when is it better to take an impression?

Be able see the differences between scanners? How precise 3D printing is, once you do your best with the planning? What are the solutions for edentulous cases? How can the technician benefit from digital? Single centrals are much less problematic with the solutions like e.lab, but how to implement all those tools without to many headaches? To benefit from digital dentistry you do not need expensive equipment to start with. Multiple surgical planning softwares are available on the market, and planning centres can do the job with you if you’re a beginner.

Have the knowledge of the manufacturing processes combined with digital work flows range from standard lab protocols, through milling, to 3D printing.

Understand the range of CAD/CAM materials and dental lab CAD/CAM amaterials, providing predictable results.

Be able to implement it painlessly from the surgical planning softwares, guided surgery cassettes, protocols and guides themselves, predictable temporizations and beautiful final results.

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