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ITOP developer Jiří Sedelmayer dies at 73

Today, Swiss oral health company CURADEN is commemorating collaborator and friend Dr Jiří Sedelmayer, who passed away last week aged 73, having lived a ...

Interview: “For most people, toothbrushing is an unconscious action. iTOP changes this.”

Although toothbrushing is the most decisive factor in preventing oral disease, only a few patients and dental professionals know how to brush perfectly. ...

Interview: “Clear, step-by-step instructions are essential for long-term success”

Dental professionals should be empowered to instruct and motivate their patients to maintain proper oral hygiene. ITOP, short for individually trained oral ...

Interview: “People are genuinely surprised at the illusions they had about toothbrushing”

With an estimated 50 per cent of the European population suffering from some form of periodontal disease, and a big majority suffering or having suffered ...