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“Because you care”: W&H previews new image campaign at IDS

W&H Managing Director Peter Malata and Roland Gruber, Head of Marketing and Sales for W&H Austria and W&H Germany, at the company’s press event on Monday. (Photograph: DTI)

Tue. 21. March 2017


COLOGNE, Germany: At the W&H press event on Monday, a visibly good-humoured Managing Director Peter Malata ushered in the upcoming International Dental Show (IDS) week. In addition to introducing the attending media representatives at the Flora event venue to the company’s latest products and advancements, Malata previewed a new image campaign and shared his vision for the family-run company in light of the dental industry’s recent trend towards mergers.

A new product highlighted by Malata and Roland Gruber, Head of Marketing and Sales for W&H Austria and W&H Germany, was the Primea Advanced Air System, the world’s first air-operated high-speed dental drive solution that combines the advantages of a turbine with the key strengths of an electric motor. “W&H has tamed the air,” said Malata in introducing the system. Owing to its adjustable drilling speed, cavities can be opened easily, old fillings can be removed simply, and even crowns and bridges can be separated with ease, according to the company. The innovative drive solution can either be integrated as a built-in solution into new or existing units or be used as an add-on.

Apart from its new products, the company will be promoting a new image campaign, titled “Because you care”, with a number of activities in 2017. Dentists take care of the well-being of their patients, and W&H seeks to support clinicians in their goal by providing reliable products and first-class service, explained Malata regarding the campaign.

In addition to the Austrian company’s ongoing development efforts, Malata highlighted the importance of establishing and fostering networks. According to him, it is most important to build synergies on various levels and with different partners in order to develop innovative products. One example of this strategy is the integration of the Osstell Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) module into the company’s new Implantmed device, he said. The ISQ module enhances the quality of implant treatment by helping the clinician determine the optimal loading time of an implant. With synergies such as this, it is possible to set new standards in the international dental market and to offer the user a decisive benefit in functionalities and the highest treatment efficiency, Malata emphasised.

To this end, the company’s long-standing managing director also made a statement on W&H’s position regarding the international merger trend. Although merging could be considered both a threat and an option, W&H sees the company’s strengths in maintaining a philosophy that is based on tradition and a close-knit community of partners and employees, he said. “There are different mindsets out there regarding consolidation versus family business and the benefits of both. However, in my opinion, in the future, it will be important to allow individual companies to pursue their own innovations while networking more closely with others.”

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