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vVARDIS – Curodont Repair

Guided enamel regeneration of early carious lesions

Curodont Repair by vVARDIS is the first biomimetic system to treat early caries by regenerating enamel.

Its revolutionary Monomer-Peptide 104 technology is based on a simple peptide, made of naturally occurring amino acids. With a simple and single application by a dentist or a dental hygienist (under the supervision of a dentist), it diffuses until the depth of early carious lesions within 5 minutes and organises into a biomatrix, similar to the natural enamel matrix. The biomatrix attracts calcium and phosphate from saliva to form hydroxyapatite, thus enabling guided enamel regeneration within the lesion.

Clinical trials have proven that it enables significantly greater caries regression and inactivation than fluoride varnish alone, with a demonstrated success rate of 86 to 100% compred with about 35% for fluoride varnishes.1,2

Curodont Repair offers an easy, pain-free and conservative solution to patients of all ages.

The peptide-based technology is present also in all vVARDIS in-office and home-care products.

More information can be found at professional.vvardis.com.



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