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ortho international No.1, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Interview with Dr Tif Qureshi: Orthodontics and restorative dentistry are far more interlinked than we think / How to go from good to excellent in an ever-changing environment / Class II aligner treatment: Elastics or wings for a successful outcome / Industry News / ClearX, smart dynamic aligners for gradual shape transition / Industry Report / Manufacturer News / Events / Meetings / Submission Guidelines /

ortho international No. 2, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Digital orthodontics / Collaborative Treatment Intelligence: Sharing information to help doctors grow / Multidisciplinary treatment in a patient with severe periodontitis / The gummy smile dilemma / Trends & applications / Manufacturer news / Meetings / Submission Guidelines /

ortho international No. 1, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Provisional restoration of missing anterior teeth: A 3-D printing application / Mouth-breathing, malocclusion and the restoration of nasal breathing / New JVBarre maxillary segmental distaliser and BiTurbo2 system for greater aesthetics, effective and efficient skeletal Class II treatment: Control of canine over-extrusion and bodily maxillary molar distalisation / Interview with Dr Sean K. Carlson: Three-dimensional “technologies are going to become the standard of care” / Maestro 3D Three ways to create transfers for indirect bonding / I choose high; this is why… / Manufacturer news / Meetings / Submission Guidelines /

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