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roots international No. 2, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Lecture programme ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / Speakers ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / Abstracts ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / The new endodontic channel for comprehensive learning / Impact of reciprocal and OTR motion on mechanical NiTi files’ resistance to fracture in cyclic fatigue testing and during canal preparation in resin blocks / Root canal therapy with modern NiTi files: Case reports / Management of intracanal separated instruments: A clinical case report / Effective and safe endodontic treatment of teeth with curved canals / Clinical management of maxillary second molar root canal therapy in different anatomical situations / Management of iatrogenic pulpal floor perforation in a mandibular molar with MTA and PRF: A case report / Manufacturer news / Successful communication in your daily practice Part XI: Attracting prospective patients from abroad / Submission guidelines /

roots international No. 1, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Buccal root of the bifurcated maxillary premolar—a danger zone during root canal therapy / Innovative endodontics using SWEEPS technology / Treatment of the result of chronic activation of substance P / Root canal therapy with a modular NiTi system: A case report / Retreatment of a tooth with a double curvature / Testing a novel endodontic sealer / Manufacturer news / Successful communication in your daily practice - Part X: How to improve your own punctuality / Practice management: “As dental coaches, we are servants in a noble profession” / “Diets rich in plant foods are increasingly associated with longevity and healthy ageing” / “We aim to prepare dentists for care of the ageing population” / Meetings / ROOTS SUMMIT: New dates / AAE provides considerations for dental and endodontic care during COVID-19 crisis / Submission guidelines /

roots international No. 1, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Conservative root canal treatment - File selection and other important factors / Tactile smart approach with nickel-titanium files / Guided endodontic access of calcified anterior teeth: A clinical case report / Irrigation in endodontics—new needle for better results / Bioceramic dispersion root filling - Revision of legacy obturation protocols / Post-anaesthetic necrosis of palatal bone / Ceramic implant vsendodontic treatment / Successful communicationin your daily practice - Part VI: Economic crisis / Manufacturer News / Meetings / Submission Guidelines / International Imprint

roots international No. 2, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Use of 3D technology in the diagnosis and treatment of endodontic disease / Apicectomy of an endodontically compromised central incisor / Laser enucleation of a radicular cyst with the PIPS protocol / Obturation materials in a state of flux—fluid boundaries between biocompatibility and bioactivity / Trends & Applications / Opinion / Successful communication in your daily practice / Manufacturer news / Interview: “Join our ride!”—VDW celebrates its 150th anniversary / Meetings / Submission guidelines /

roots international No. 3, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Dynamic navigation—The future of minimally invasive endodontics / Shaping a Type V mandibular premolar with VDW.ROTATE / Endodontic follow-up in strongly curved root canals / Tooth-preserving endodontic surgery—A retrospective survival study from the general dental practice / Diverse applications of lasers in dentistry / Treatment of oral leukoplakia with a 980 nm diode laser / Facial swelling caused by infected teeth / Irrigation in endodontics—New standards in the dental office / Successful communication in your daily practice / International events / Submission guidelines / International imprint

roots international No. 4, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Torsional resistance of two nickeltitanium rotary instruments: A comparative study / Maximum curve control / Clinical applications of mineral trioxide aggregate in endodontics / Effect of duration of Er,Cr:YSGG laser etching on dentine morphology - An in vitro study / Industry / Managing refractory endodontic disease with radial apical cleansing / Successful communication in your daily practice - Part IX: Boosting a new employee’s performance / A visit to VDW, a true child of Munich / ROOTS SUMMIT 2020: Registration is now open / International events / Submission guidelines /

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