3Shape – E4 Lab Scanner

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3Shape – E4 Lab Scanner


Utimate productivity with our fastest scanner ever

Boost productivity

For those seeking the speed and accuracy to drive lab productivity and growth, look no further.  The E4 boasts double the speed, double the accuracy, and double as many cameras as its predecessor the E3, delivering improved efficiency and consistency with every scan. From small labs seeking the best-of-the-best, to high-volume, full-service labs striving for a leaner workflow, our E4 lab scanner is the right choice for you.

Hardware features

  • Double scan speed: 9 seconds instead of 22 seconds (E3)
  • Double accuracy: 4 micron instead of 7 micron (E3)
  • Tiwce as many cameras: 4 x 5 MP instead of 2 x 5 MP (E3)

More information can be found here.