A-dec announces new partnership with Romanian dealer Tehnode

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A-dec announces new partnership with Romanian dealer Tehnodent Poka

A-dec has entered into a collaboration with Romanian distributor Tehnodent Poka. The company distributes over 8,000 products from the most important dental manufacturers. (Image: Amnaj Khetsamtip/Shutterstock)

Wed. 16. August 2023


NEWBERG, Ore., US: Continuing its international growth, dental manufacturer A-dec has announced a new partnership with Romanian dental dealer Tehnodent Poka. The two companies share a commitment to providing high-quality dental equipment that continuously delivers exceptional performance.

Over a period of 50 years, A-dec has built its reputation on craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every one of its products offers reliable performance, unparalleled ergonomics and seamless integration that maximises accessibility. Tehnodent Poka also strives to maintain quality standards, and the company has been one of Romania’s leading distributors of dental equipment and materials since it was founded in 1991.

Tehnodent Poka's headquarters and showroom is located in Timisoara in Romania. (Image: A-dec)

Zoran Ciosici, marketing and strategy manager at Tehnodent Poka, said: “A-dec’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our vision of elevating the dental industry. For over 30 years, Tehnodent Poka’s mission has been to be one of the best providers of industry-leading dental solutions, and there is no doubt that this partnership will augment our efforts in this regard.”

Joan Fernandez-Artero, territory manager at A-dec, commented: “A-dec has been at the forefront of developing ergonomic dental equipment that promotes healthy posture, leading to improved patient care and an enhanced practitioner experience. This new partnership with Tehnodent Poka will ensure a successful future for both companies by establishing them as the optimal choice for dental solutions for current and future customers.”

Fernandez-Artero added: “We look forward to strengthening our position in Romania with Tehnodent Poka by providing innovative solutions, a superior customer experience, exemplary logistical provision and a dedicated service team.”

Exciting times lie ahead as this partnership brings together two leading companies in the dental industry, marking a significant milestone for both.

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