A-dec – 500 LED Dental Light

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A-dec – 500 LED Dental Light


Smart. Refined. True

See clearly and diagnose accurately day after day with the award-winning A-dec 500 LED dental light. Get advanced light performance and unparalleled ergonomics for the dental team. A cure safe mode gives you more time to work with composites.

Easy on the Eyes

Innovative light distribution creates a uniform pattern with a “stadium” effect to minimize shadowing. A feathered edge light pattern reduces eye fatigue.

Exceptional Illumination

A high color rendering index (CRI) of 94 mimics sunlight’s clarity and floods the oral cavity with light that reflects colors accurately for soft and hard tissue diagnosis. See image: High CRI (left), Low CRI (right).

The high-quality light pattern on the A-dec 500 LED dental light conforms to the latest ISO9680 standards for brightness, color rendering, and uniformity.

Ecologically and Economically Smart

Low heat LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and produce little infrared light and close to no UV emissions. A-dec LEDs also consume 80-90% less power, are more than 20% brighter than most halogen lights, and have a life expectancy of 40,000 hours—all without ever having to change a bulb.

A-dec 500 LED Dental Light Features

Three-axis, 540º horizontal rotation light head adjustment. Provides unlimited barycentric positioning.

Three light intensity settings. Features three intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux.

Cure-safe mode. Enables the dental team to work effectively at 23,000 lux illumination without curing photo-initiated resins.

Auto On/Off function. Turns the dental light on automatically when the chair reaches the treatment position and turns it off in the entry/exit position. Requires A-dec touchpad.

Remote touchpad activation. Allows you to toggle between settings and turn the dental light on and off without having to touch the light head.

Local switching. Enables easy change of mode by the entire dental team when the touchpad is not available.

Long-lasting LEDs. Uses about 1/5th the power of a traditional quartz halogen light with a life expectancy of up to 40,000 hours, or nearly 20 years of daily use.

Upgrade to LED

Easily upgrade your halogen A-dec dental light to the A-dec 500 LED dental light. Gain all the advantages of LED over halogen, including 25% more illuminance at one-fifth of the power consumption.

To upgrade, you must have an A-dec light manufactured after 1993 on an A-dec flexarm. Compatibility exceptions apply for the A-dec Performer dental light. For details, consult with your authorized A-dec dealer or contact A-dec Customer Service.

A-dec 500 LED Dental Light Mounting Options

Choose a mounting option that maximizes your working style.

Radius chair-mount

Radius mount for A-dec 500, A-dec 400, A-dec 300, and Performer chairs