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Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Map DRS


Intra-oral scans in just 1 minute

Every restorative or orthodontic treatment starts with an intra-oral impression, and dentists are increasingly employing digital technologies to achieve this. In addition to offering patients greater comfort, these technologies help streamline the daily routines in the practice. For example, the dentist can scan a jaw in just 1 minute with the comprehensive Ceramill Map DRS intra-oral scanner from Amann Girrbach. The end-to-end digital workflow also simplifies collaboration between the practice and the laboratory.

Digital dental impressions for greater convenience and efficiency

With Ceramill Map DRS, the clinician can digitally record the patient’s dental status and transmit the data to the laboratory in real time, making conventional impression taking superfluous. With the scanner, both dentulous partial and complete jaws—before and after preparation—as well as bite situations and implant positions, with the aid of scan bodies, can be scanned. Scanning tips of different heights are available for areas that are difficult to access.

Intelligent features in the corresponding software, such as the automatic deletion of superfluous data and the counting of autoclave cycles, offer clinicians further convenience. In addition, the preparation line can be defined and checked by the dentist in the scanning software and then be adjusted if necessary.

In order to facilitate access to these digital technologies, Amann Girrbach offers various kits, which can be extended in stages. The basis consists of the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, which includes the intra-oral scanner, the corresponding software and connection to the company’s AG.Live digital platform. The Ceramill DRS High-Speed Zirconia Kit allows zirconia to be sintered in the laboratory or dental practice in just 20 minutes. Extension with the Ceramill DRS Production Kit allows simple restorations to be fabricated in the practice and placed in a single session.

“By digitising the data, smaller units can be fabricated and inserted on the same day, depending on the distance to the laboratory. At the same time, users benefit from our comprehensive training and service offers,” explained Elena Bleil, product manager for Amann Girrbach’s global clinical CAD/CAM business unit.

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