Yes, we CAD!—exocad Insights 2024

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Yes, we CAD!—exocad Insights 2024

Christine McClymont, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at exocad, and Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO at exocad, surprised the audience with awards in three categories. (Image: exocad)

Wed. 15. May 2024


PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain: The biennial digital dentistry meeting and exhibition of exocad, an Align Technology company and a leader in dental CAD/CAM software, returned to Palma de Mallorca on 9 and 10 May at the Palma Convention Centre. The company’s fourth digital dentistry event, exocad Insights 2024 was themed “Network. Innovate. Lead.”

“Our goal at Insights 2024 was to gather together professionals along the dental spectrum to learn from each other,” said Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO of exocad. “With hundreds of attendees, 54 industry partners and 40 expert speakers from around the world, I can confidently say that we achieved that. We explored the future of digital dentistry and fresh approaches to collaboratively improve outcomes.”

The educational CAD/CAM event, presented in four languages, was attended by dental technicians, dentists and industry partners from more than 45 countries. They took part in informative presentations by top industry speakers and in-depth learning sessions run by exocad software experts for both clinicians and laboratory technicians. First-time attendees were able to meet with an independent certified trainer at a dedicated booth.

“This event offered attendees the chance to see which technology and treatment approaches are available to achieve more predictable results, faster workflows, and ultimately higher patient satisfaction,” said Novica Savic, chief commercial officer of exocad.

Laboratory and clinical sessions on exocad software

At exocad Insights 2024, the company’s software sessions focused on education on and state-of-the-art workflows for exocad DentalCAD, exocad ChairsideCAD and exoplan. The new 3.2 Elefsina release series took centre stage.

Top international speakers

At exocad Insights 2024, dental technicians and clinicians passionate about digital workflows had access to career-accelerating insights from top industry experts. The lectures by well-known thought leaders from across the dental world included a presentation on the power of avatars in dentistry by Dr Miguel Stanley, smile design insights from international experts such as Drs Guilherme Saavedra and Elaine Halley, and an exciting look at occlusion with master dental technician Edris Rasta. Dr August de Oliveira lectured on 3D printing and exocad for the general dentist. A presentation on a cutting-edge team approach combining orthodontic and restorative treatment planning, led by the UK dental technician and dentist duo Kristina Vaitelytė and Dr Eimear O’Connell, concluded the event with exocad’s vision of the future.

Partner exhibition, partner sessions and software integrations

Over 50 top companies in dental materials, equipment and CAD/CAM answered questions and demonstrated equipment as part of the exocad Insights partner exhibition. The 11 diamond, platinum and gold partners each held five dedicated sessions to showcase their innovations, present cases, launch new products and share valuable ideas for the application of exocad software solutions, in connection with hardware.

Insights into the future

Visitors were particularly interested in the outlook for future products and services that exocad presented at the event. The company previewed the next release of its implant planning software, exoplan 3.2 Elefsina—not yet available for sale—and announced the inclusion of a new streamlined workflow for stackable guides. The company also provided its vision of the future, previewing crown design based on artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced visualisation within exocad’s Smile Creator.

Community, collection and connection

The event provided a welcome opportunity to interact in-person with exocad experts and other dental professionals. After a rigorous educational agenda on the first day, attendees were able to unwind during an evening celebration with a “pearly white” theme.

Once again, exocad offered attendees the chance to participate in its charity drive by buying limited-edition exocad Insights T-shirts. The company said that the funds collected would again go towards supporting non-profit dental organisations.

Exocad Insights offers enhanced opportunities for superior results

At the press briefing, Steinbrecher announced that the event had sold out and discussed how AI can enhance dental care. He highlighted two main benefits: improving efficiency and increasing patient acceptance through engaging visualisations. The software produces not only attractive images of potential treatment outcomes but also realistic video renderings that can engage patients emotionally. While AI facilitates these realistic renderings, users maintain control, allowing them to add their personal touch. This integration of AI and user skills combines efficiency with personalised care.

Savic shared that the feedback from attendees had been overwhelmingly positive, noting that the high level of insights at the event encouraged companies to launch new products. Evoking the event’s theme, he said, “You need to be innovative to lead,” and he stressed the importance of networking to foster innovation and introduce new ideas.

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