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Ivoclar – IvoBase


The chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization ‒ thanks to the patented temperature control in the flask and the heater. This enables the fabrication of denture bases featuring high accuracy of fit and precision. The injector has been especially developed for the IvoBase material and permits excellent restorations. The IvoBase Injector can also be used for the tried-and-tested SR Ivocap material.


  • "All-in-one" injector, quick and easy setting into operation possible
  • Controlled polymerization shrinkage for optimal accuracy of fit
  • No water and compressed air connection necessary (plug and play)
  • Compact, modern and ergonomic design; requires only a small space
  • OSD indicator: current operating status visible from a great distance
  • RMR key for a clear reduction of the residual monomer content
  • USB port for software updates via PC/Internet
  • Direct flask heating without water bath permits polymerization without annoying steam
  • High maintenance friendliness and easy replacement of the heating elements due to the removable cover
  • Versatile injector with various Ivoclar Vivadent and reserve programs