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LM-Dental – Dual Gracey


LM Dual Gracey combines the benefits of a universal curette and a Gracey curette in one.

LM Dual Gracey combines the benefits of a universal curette and a Gracey curette in one. These instruments are designed for the removal of supra and subgingival calculus from all tooth surfaces. The LM Dual Gracey concept, combining Gracey curettes and universal curettes, enables fewer instruments to be used. The traditional set of four Graceys may be replaced with only two LM Dual Gracey instruments: LM-Syntette and LM-Syntette Anterior.

Simply clever tip design

Each LM Dual Gracey tip has two elliptical cutting edges – a mesial and a distal edge. This design allows for treatment of both mesial and distal tooth surfaces. The lower shank is kept parallel to the tooth surface while scaling, of particular convenience when accessing subgingivally. LM Dual Graceys are suitable for vertical, horizontal and oblique scaling techniques.

Combined benefits; Unique tip, ergonomic grip and sharpen free coating

Double-sided Gracey tips provide universal adaptation, quick and easy transitions from tooth to tooth during clinical appointment. LM-ErgoSense medical-grade silicone handles deliver the highest rated ergonomics, a secure and comfortable grip, and enhanced tactile sensitivity. LM Sharp Diamond technology creates completely sharpen free instruments.

LMSyntette, the Story of Original Dual Gracey

In the late ‘70s Swedish dentist Leif Ericsson, the head of the Perio Department in Västervik Hospital in Sweden, was challenged by the complexity and number of instruments used during periodontal treatments. Couldn’t there be an easier choice and more versatile instrument? he thought.

Gracey 11/12 for mesial surfaces and Gracey 13/14 for distal surfaces were very popular instruments, however practitioners were required to switch back and forth between the two while treating an interproximal space. Dr. Ericsson analyzed the design and function of these two Graceys and came up with the innovative idea to combine them in one instrument:  a synthesis of two curettes—a Syntette!

This idea turned into a sketch on paper, which ended up in a drawer, its promise unfulfilled for a few years.

Meeting on the train

In the ‘80s, Dr. Ericsson was standing in a crowded commuter train in Stockholm, on his way back from a dental conference. The man standing next to him happened to be Finnish dentist Pekka Kangasniemi, founder of LM-Dental. They started discussing the idea for a doubled-sided Gracey, a truly universal instrument, thus Syntette was conceived.

Simply clever!

Now the story continues with Syntette Anterior, completing the set of LM Dual Graceys.


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