MIS – C1 Implant System

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MIS – C1 Implant System


The Connection for Reliable Biology

MIS C1 Implant is a powerful player in the MIS conical connection implant fleet and offers a versatile solution for all clinical indications. This simple, accurate, proven implant system was designed with a conical connection that optimizes biological benefits and esthetic results.


Each C1 package is delivered with XD: single-use, sharp, sterile drills, delivering a full procedure in every implant package. These single-use drills are designed for optimal implant-drill compatibility and high initial stability while ensuring safe and simplified procedures.

The MIS comprehensive conical connection solution offers:

  • One consistent prosthetic solution
  • One surgical kit
  • One drilling protocol
  • Two unique geometries of the C1 and V3 implant systems provide optimum implant integration and bone growth.


  • Bone Preservation
  • Maximum Accuracy
  • High Initial Stability
  • Esthetics
  • Clinical Success

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