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Versatile One-Time Solution for Conical Connection Implants

The MIS CONNECT is a stay-in abutment system which enables avoiding interference with the peri-implant gingival seal. It offers doctors the ability to maximize the tissue-level restoration concept, enabling the entire prosthetic procedure and restoration to occur far from the bone, and at any level of the connective tissue.


The CONNECT is designed to reduce micro-movements and micro-leakage of bacteria at the bone level.


  • Versatility
    The MIS CONNECT system may be used in single or multiple unit restorations for digital or traditional procedures. It may also be used for both provisional and final prosthetic restorations, as well as for one-stage or II stage procedures.
  • Ease of Use
    The CONNECT abutment is delivered sterile and comes with its own plastic grip for maximum ease of use. The system features a simple suprastructure engagement with a 12 point connection and offers one line of suprastructures for all platforms.
  • Esthetics
    The transmucosal CONNECT abutment (low and narrow profile) was designed to facilitate a predictable and successful outcome. Using the CONNECT potentially enables creating a biologic seal around the implant/ bone junction. This may provide the best possible environment to maintain bone level, and esthetic soft tissue results. In addition, the solution allows for a broader range of screw-retained prosthetics in the esthetic zone.
  • Ultimate Precision & Durability
    CONNECT abutments are one-piece and solid (with no separate prosthetic screw). The system enables a smooth path of insertion for bridges and connected crowns, thanks to a 40° opening of the abutment. Its internal connection presents the advantage of high accuracy and ultimate fit with the suprastructures.

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