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The synergy of digital dentistry and biology in implantology – designing and treatment workflow

Implant placement through digitally designed guide stents becomes more and more popular as the accuracy, the efficacy and handling of these procedure is evolving fast.

On the other hand, CAD CAM prosthetic implant restorations have been already used since many years with the help of well-developed lab scanners and software’s already implemented in the everyday lab work. The last missing link, the use of intraoral scanners seems to gain more and more the trust of the practitioners in the daily practice.

The aim of the presentation is to analyze the implant abutment design and the digital workflow in the esthetic zone through scientific evidence and daily experience as well as the indications and the limitations of the digital process depending on existing materials and known procedures. Chairside intraoral scanning, handling digital impressions, usual mistakes and all the full process from digitization to manufacture and final cementation through all the design steps will be clarified. Clinical cases will be presented discussing different clinical approaches, showing the synergy of older and newer biological concepts in the treatment workflow.

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