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Interview: “DTX Studio suite really can be used on a daily basis”

July 12, 2019 | Events, Interviews, News

The recent Nobel Biocare Global Symposium saw many of the world’s leading voices on implantology and digital dentistry gather in the Spanish capital of Madrid. At the event, Dental Tribune International spoke with Dr. Pascal Kunz, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Nobel Biocare, about DTX Studio suite and the benefits it provides for both dental clinicians and patients.

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2019: A landmark event for implant dentistry

July 10, 2019 | Events, Interviews, News

MADRID, Spain: Throughout our 60+ years of history, we have consistently stood for genuine innovation, based on science, that was created to help improve the lives of patients around the world. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training worldwide, and to work together with dental practices and laboratories to help maximise what services and products they offer to their patients. This was on full display at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2019 in Madrid, Spain. We are delighted to announce that the event was a big success. If you were not one of the 1200 participants, take a look at some of the highlights provided in this newsletter.

CIDRR journal publishes scientific evidence on Nobel Biocare’s latest surface innovations

June 28, 2019 | Events, Interviews, News

MADRID, Spain: With the launch of its Xeal abutment surface and TiUltra implant surface this year, Nobel Biocare recently initiated the Mucointegration era for implant dentistry. Now, clinical evidence supporting these pioneering surface innovations for soft-tissue integration has been published in a special supplement of Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research (CIDRR).

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On Demand Webinar

Digitaler Workflow bei Sofortimplantation

Dr. Stefan Scherg

Digitaler Workflow bei Sofortimplantation

Wie lassen sich die Vorteile einer Sofortimplantation mit eventueller Sofortversorgung mit den permanent fortschreitenden Entwicklun­gen der Digitalisierung zusammenbringen?

On Demand Webinar

Mehrwert Guided Surgery im Hinblick auf konventionelle Implantatinsertion

Dr. Annette Felderhoff-Fischer

Mehrwert Guided Surgery im Hinblick auf konventionelle Implantatinsertion

Die Vorteile dieser Verfahren sind u.a. eine exakte Planbarkeit des chirurgischen Eingriffes, die Minimierung des OP-Traumas bis hin zu flapless surgery, eine Vermeidung von Augmentationen sowie eine der anatomischen Situation angepasste Implantatpositionierung nach ästhetischen Vorgaben (Wax-up). Genannt seien auch die mögliche Sofortbelastung mit präimplantologisch gefertigten Zahnersatz und die hohe forensische Sicherheit. Eine Vielzahl von Studien... View Article

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