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Biodentine and ART: Minimising droplets and aerosol generation

Biodentine can be used without a mechanical drill for deep caries treatment during pulp capping procedures with or without pulp exposure. (Image: Septodont)


Wed. 30. September 2020


SAINT-MAUR-DES-FOSSÉS, France: In the current difficult times, healthcare professionals are on the front line and doing their best to continue to provide dental care to patients. At Septodont, we are committed to doing everything we can to support dental practitioners worldwide. To protect the health of dental practitioners around the globe, procedures that avoid the spread of viral particles, via aerosol generation, should be preferred.

Some conditions can be managed with minimal intervention procedures and without, or at least little, aerosol generation. A minimal intervention dentistry procedure is aimed at maintaining the vitality of the pulp, as supported by the European Society of Endodontology. Atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) is relevant in this regard: the objective is to remove dental caries by using only hand instruments without a drill and turbine while preserving the tooth structure as far as possible and generating little to no aerosol.

Why choose Biodentine with the ART procedure?

Clinical data has demonstrated similar success rates during pulp capping procedures with Biodentine with manual removal of the soft dentine and round carbide burs on a slow-speed handpiece. In addition, Biodentine provides several benefits when used with the ART procedure:

  • limitation of bacterial propagation (pH = 12);
  • biocompatibility;
  • bioactivity;
  • resistance/compressive strength;
  • good adhesion;
  • a short setting time;
  • a bio-bulk fill approach; and
  • no staining.

Thanks to its biological and bioactive properties, Biodentine can be placed directly on to the pulp and used for filling any areas of deep caries. For this procedure, it is recommended that the final enamel restoration be placed in the same session in order to avoid a second appointment and the use of the drill during that second appointment.

Launched nearly ten years ago, Biodentine has proved itself a reliable product for vital pulp therapy. Acknowledged by more than 700 publications worldwide, Biodentine has allowed dentists to save millions of teeth around the globe.

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