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CleanImplant Foundation fights for contaminant-free dental implants

The CleanImplant Foundation has cautioned about the insufficient reliability of some quality marks granted to dental implant systems. (Image: mpohodzhay/Shutterstock)
CleanImplant Foundation

CleanImplant Foundation

Wed. 30. March 2022


COMO, Italy: In November last year, 21 experts from 16 countries gathered in Como for a day of lectures, discussions and debate. The Ambassadors’ Summit, hosted by the non-profit CleanImplant Foundation, brought experts together with the aim of fostering scientific dialogue. The discussion focused on recently published findings relating to dental implant contamination and peri-implant diseases, as well as on the challenges that the foundation and its partners are facing.

The summit took place the day prior to the Digital Dentistry Society Global Congress, where the CleanImplant Foundation had a booth and worked to inform dental practitioners about the clinical relevance of surface cleanliness and the importance of establishing its different levels as a relevant and indispensable measure of quality in the industry.

Dr Tomas Albrektsson, professor at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of in Gothenburg in Sweden and member of the CleanImplant Scientific Advisory Board, emphasised in his online lecture the necessity of manufacturers delivering implants that are not only sterile but also free of any remnants of manufacturing processes. This, Prof. Albrektsson said, was crucial, owing to the fact that the clinical effect that foreign particles have on the surface area of implanted medical devices can no longer be denied.

Moreover, Prof. Hugo de Bruyn from Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands presented the troubling findings of an ongoing study in which a correlation is being exhibited between titanium abrasion in the peri-implant tissue and the levels of peri-implantitis found.

“In order to guarantee safety as a practitioner, one ought to consider the CleanImplant Trusted Quality Mark when selecting implants” – Dr Dirk U. Duddeck, CleanImplant Foundation

Dr Dirk U. Duddeck, founder of the CleanImplant Foundation and head of its research, presented the findings of a comparative study that examined over 100 different implants. The results of the study agreed with previous research which had found that implants from manufacturers of all sizes displayed increased levels of impurities as a result of factory-made contamination. Dr Duddeck commented that the findings were all the more shocking considering that these implant systems had been granted US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance or a CE mark so that they could be distributed to dentists. In order to provide more context to these findings, former FDA employee and data analyst Madris Kinard-Tomes from Pennsylvania in the US joined the summit via livestream and commented on the issue of the insufficient reliability of some quality marks. One of the most disturbing current trends in the field of dental implants is the rapidly increasing number of failed implants across the market, and Dr Duddeck commented that it is now more important than ever to be able to rely on independent quality assessments. He said: “In order to guarantee safety as a practitioner, one ought to consider the CleanImplant Trusted Quality Mark when selecting implants.”

The Trusted Quality Mark proves that implants have met the most stringent of quality controls. The certification has been awarded for selected implant systems made by the following manufacturers: Biotech Dental, bredent medical, BTI, Camlog, Global D, medentis medical, MegaGen, Nobel Biocare, NucleOSS, Sweden & Martina, Zircon Medical and SDS. Most recently, the CeramTec Group was awarded the newly established Certified Production Quality seal—a mark that recognises outstanding production standards in manufacturing.

The summit was funded exclusively by the CleanImplant Foundation in order to ensure open dialogue and critical reflection, independent of industry interests, on study results and product promises. Dr Duddeck explained: “As a non-profit foundation, we feel obliged to create such a space. Market-leading manufacturers exert an evergrowing influence over the discussion of scientific topics at congresses.”

In the spirit of fostering independent dialogue, the CleanImplant Foundation concluded the debate by addressing potential strategies that will continue to offer support to manufacturers of medical devices who adhere to the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control. An important part of this was discussing the ways in which the foundation seeks to defend itself against threats and unjustified accusations from manufacturers who supply dental implants of inferior quality.

More information on the summit and study results, visit the foundation’s website.

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