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DirectEndodontics offers high-quality instruments for forward-thinking dentists

What makes DirectEndodontics stand out from other manufacturers is that the company supplies endodontic files and products directly to clinicians without distributors. (Image: DirectEndodontics)

Wed. 28. February 2024


PARIS, France: When it comes to choosing endodontic systems, quality, cost and access are major considerations. DirectEndodontics was founded to directly supply dental professionals based in Europe with locally made high-quality reciprocating and rotary instruments. The company told Dental Tribune International (DTI) that its products are competitively priced and that dentists can easily swap to its instruments without having to change the techniques they currently use.

DirectEndodontics prides itself on being at the forefront of dentists’ evolving needs. Founded to form partnerships with the technology-based clinicians of today, the company focuses on quality, accessibility and keeping prices low. Caroline Dort, head of operations at the company, told DTI: “Today, dentists who do endodontic procedures want to use high-quality products at a fair price. They are looking for an easy, flexible and fast service. DirectEndodontics provides them with a fast and very simple way to order directly through the website. Our files are made in Europe under strict quality controls, ensuring our products are safe and easy to use.” 

What makes DirectEndodontics stand out from other manufacturers is that the company supplies endodontic files and products directly to clinicians without distributors. “Our sales model yields many advantages for customers,” Dort explained. “The main advantage of ordering directly is the competitive prices, as there is one fewer channel that keeps a margin of the sales price. Another advantage is the speed with which we react to the needs of our customers. We can directly connect with them. And that is not all—we also offer free shipping on all orders!”

Made in France and conforming to strict EU controls and standards for medical devices, the company’s instruments aim to ensure the highest quality, consistency and safety. They are designed to be an alternative to leading reciprocating and gold taper and rotary instruments, offering designs that improve cutting efficiency and increase safety in order to provide the ideal flexibility required for perfect root canal therapy. Dort explained: “At DirectEndodontics, we focus on our customers. Our systems do not require a change of clinical techniques or a change of motors. We want our customers to continue to use the techniques that they feel comfortable using.” 

Dort explained that one product that is popular with clinicians is Direct-R Gold. “This is a reciprocating file that we sell at a very competitive price for a very high-quality product. Another favourite among our customers, which is also a trendy product, is our DirectBioceramic Sealer, which is a sealer of a very high quality that we sell at an affordable price.” 

The feedback from clinicians has been positive. “Our customers are very satisfied with our products, and we have received great feedback and very positive reviews. We put our customers at the centre because we believe that having access to high-quality products at competitive prices leads to better endodontic treatments and better care for the patients,” Dort said. 

DirectEndodontics was founded by endodontist Dr Charles J. Goodis, whose background in mechanical engineering helped him to found EdgeEndo in the US in 2013. After just ten years of company history, EdgeEndo has become one of the largest endodontic suppliers in the US, serving endodontists and general dentists across the country. Dr Goodis explained in company information that his goal in founding DirectEndodontics was to bring high-quality European-made endodontic instruments directly to clinicians at a lower cost. “I want DirectEndodontics to be a modern, fresh, digital, millennial company working with you, the modern dentist,” he said.

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