EuroPerio9 presents highlights at Opening Press Conference

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EuroPerio9 presents highlights at Opening Press Conference


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Prof. Anton Sculean, Dr Michèle Reners, Prof. Iain Chapple and Prof. Søren Jepsen (from left) at the EuroPerio9 Opening Press Conference on Wednesday. (Photograph: EFP)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 21. June 2018


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Seeking to put into practice the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) strategic vision of “periodontal health for a better life”, EuroPerio9 has broken records: 1,753 submitted abstracts, 134 speakers in 42 main sessions in the scientific programme, and 308 moderated abstract and poster presentations. Wednesday’s Opening Press Conference gave the audience an overview of the event, background information on the EFP, and facts and figures on periodontal disease.

“We are more than happy to welcome a record number of 10,000 participants to EuroPerio9,” said EuroPerio9 Chair Dr Michèle Reners. “The visitors come from 111 different countries, with visitors from the Netherlands, Germany and France making up the biggest share of European participants. Most visitors from non-European countries come from Japan—in large part because of the joint session with the Japanese Society of Periodontology—followed by Brazil and Mexico. All in all, one in four visitors come from a non-European country.”

Prof. Søren Jepsen, EuroPerio9 Scientific Chair and past EFP President, outlined this edition’s new session formats and expanded scientific programme. “A congress app, as well as interactive sessions, focus on more engagement between speakers and the audience. Highlights from the programme include the first live periodontal surgery at a EuroPerio congress, Perio Talks, based on the famous TED Talks concept, a debate session about the global threat of antibacterial resistance, a 3-D session on reconstructive surgery for teeth and implants, a treatment planning session, and a ‘nightmare session’ on the last day discussing worst-case treatment scenarios, failures and how to deal with them.”

Current EFP President Prof. Anton Sculean emphasised this year’s focus on periodontal health as an integral part of general health and well-being. “We want to promote oral health not only among the younger population, but focus especially on people over 60 years of age. By 2050, people aged 60 or more will represent almost one in four people on earth, and periodontitis in these people can be prevented now.” According to EFP Secretary General Prof. Iain Chapple, the EFP’s vision in this respect is to reduce the burden of periodontitis—which is already the world’s sixth most prevalent disease in its most severe form and is becoming increasingly common—on the global population.

Specialist and EFP Committee member Prof. Bruno Loos communicated the following take-home message: “Gingivae and the underlying bone structure are the basis not only for a healthy dentition, crowns or bridges, but also for speech, appearance, your smile, and overall well-being. In a lot of countries, periodontal treatment is not part of the basic health insurance package. As such, periodontal disease needs to be recognised as a disease just like all other chronic inflammatory diseases.”

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