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Navident 2.0 with Trace and Place launched at EuroPerio9

Luca Caselana, Regional Sales Manager for southern Europe at Claronav, with an instrument from the company's Navident 2.0 navigation system. (Photograph: Kasper Mussche, DTI)

Fri. 22. June 2018


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: By using the CBCT image as a kind of map, ClaroNav’s Navident guides clinicians much like a GPS guides drivers, offering them an easy-to-use, accurate, highly portable and affordable method for the planning of desired restorations and implant placements. The new Navident 2.0, designed to further streamline everyday digital dentistry workflows, is being officially showcased to visitors at EuroPerio9, currently taking place from 20 to 23 June in Amsterdam.

With Navident 2.0, the clinician is no longer required to do a special extra scan. Instead, he or she is able to use the diagnostic scan already available for the patient. The step of making a stent is not a part of the workflow because it is no longer required, saving clinicians valuable time. Known as Trace and Place, this is a game-changing development for dynamic navigation. With Trace and Place, the Navident 2.0 workflow is efficient and user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated into daily clinical practice.

“Trace and Place is a real tipping point for dynamic navigation guidance,” said user Dr George Mandelaris, a periodontist from Chicago in the US. “It has streamlined and simplified the workflow in both the diagnostic and surgical phases to allow state-of-the-art technology to be an everyday component of my surgical implant practice. I can’t imagine going back!”

Implantology specialists who have already used Navident 2.0 have experienced negligible operator stress, improved time efficiency and an increase in patient acceptance. The accuracy the new version offers, combined with the need for minimal tissue manipulation, is conducive to a shorter and better recovery process for patients, according to ClaroNav.

The company also welcomed attendees of EuroPerio9 to the Dynamic Navigation Evening it hosted at the Apollo Hotel Amsterdam. At this unique event, several of the company’s master clinical trainers shared their clinical experiences using Navident. The evening also featured lectures on the treatment protocols of today, including both surgical and prosthetic aspects. The night concluded with some highlights of possible future development trends in the field of computer-guided surgery.

The company encourages clinicians to make use of this opportunity to learn from masters and interact with peers at Claronav’s EuroPerio9 booth (Booth 11.14A).

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