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Sirona South Africa wins Top Starter Award 2013

General Manager of Sirona SA, Andy Cyprianos (front center), with the Sirona SA team and their well earned award. (Photo: Chris Jenkins DTSA)
Chris Jenkins DTSA

Chris Jenkins DTSA

Wed. 4. December 2013


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Sirona South Africa (SA) has won the Top Starter Award 2013 for fastest growing new Sirona Dental System GmbH subsidiary across its worldwide company base. Sirona SA opened in March 2012 and its mandate includes Sub-Saharan Africa. The criteria for the Top Starter Award includes: start up to specified targets and growth rate of the business. In both areas, Sirona SA was one of the highest.

The award is a recognition of the whole of Sirona SA’s team and their contribution to building and developing Sirona. Mr Andy Cyprianos, the General Manager of Sirona SA said, “We have got a team that is made up of very talented people in terms of service and sales that have contributed to this result”.

“The service aspect is critical” Mr Cyprianos believes, “We are doing everything we possibly can to have the best service possible and meet our clients expectations”. Sirona sees the South African market as a growing market that is hungry for service which is willing to invest in high tech products thus an emphasis is placed on high levels of service.

After winning this award Sirona SA still views the SA market as an exciting market where they will continue to grow. Mr Cyprianos would like to thank all of Sirona’s customers for their valued support and for making it possible for them to receive such an award.

Sirona is one of the largest manufacturers and innovators of dental equipment in the world today with a company history spanning over 100 years. The company has over 3000 employees at 25 locations across the globe of which 260 employees are scientists and engineers who research and develop Sirona’s various dental products. Over $250 million has been invested by Sirona on research and development. The products offered by Sirona include: instruments, hygiene systems, treatment centres, imaging systems and digital dentistry. As mentioned above the company is a world leader in innovation and begun this trend by inventing the first electrically powered dental drill in 1887.

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