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Straumann launches TLX and announces winners of SmileAward at ITI World Symposium

The Straumann SmileAward highlights the important role dental professionals play in giving smiles back. (Image: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock)


Tue. 28. September 2021


BASEL, Switzerland: Straumann fully launched its TLX implant system at the International Team for Implantology (ITI) World Symposium 202ONE, which is the largest global symposium dedicated to implant dentistry. In addition, the company announced the eight winners of its SmileAward, a new award which was created in cooperation with Zerodonto and which will be presented annually in the future.

The Straumann TLX implant system combines the company’s tissue level concept with the BLX fully tapered design, Straumann’s most advanced technology for immediate treatments. The implant’s tissue level collar is designed to preserve peri-implant health as the implant–abutment interface is moved away from the bone and no disturbance of the soft tissue around the implant after the surgery is needed. The implant body has been developed for optimal primary stability and immediate protocols in all bone types.

“It was a great opportunity to fully launch the TLX implant at the ITI World Symposium 202ONE where more than 9,000 participants joined to gain valuable insights from world-leading professionals in the implant industry. The symposium, which was held virtually for the first time, was instrumental in further driving excellence in implant dentistry for the benefit of healthcare consumers,” said Holger Haderer, global head of marketing and education at the Straumann Group. “The Straumann TLX implant provides an expanded and dedicated range of options to dentists for their preferred treatment protocol. The implant is designed to benefit from the biological aspects of the tissue level concept but offering enhanced primary stability to support immediacy treatment options. The feedback by the participants has been very positive.”

As part of the symposium, Straumann offered informative sessions facilitating a comprehensive educational journey. These included Corporate Forum, Science Meets Practice and OpenMic sessions where attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

The premium implants market represented approximately half of the CHF4 billion (€3.69 billion) global dental implants demand in 2020. Those implant design specialties include parallel-walled implants, which make up a quarter of premium implants and support a more traditional treatment approach. Apically tapered implants represent about half, whereas fully tapered implants represent about a quarter of the premium market. Apically tapered and fully tapered implants are designed for immediate approaches that offer shorter time-to-teeth treatment options for patients.

Straumann SmileAward to highlight dental professionals’ efforts

Another highlight of the ITI World Symposium was the presentation of the Straumann SmileAward. This award highlights the important role dental professionals play in giving smiles back. The contest started in May, when Straumann asked dentists to show how they are changing the lives of patients and submit their best immediate protocol patient cases in video format. The top 25 immediate protocol patient case submissions were chosen by votes on social media platforms, and these were then forwarded to a jury for evaluation.

Eight winners were selected, and results were announced on 5 September. Straumann was thrilled to announce Dr Anthony Mak from Australia as the first-place winner of the inaugural edition of the Straumann 2021 SmileAward. Following in the official rankings, in second and third place respectively, are Dr Sebastián Cifuentes Tapia (Chile) and Dr Sergio Piano (Italy). In fourth to eight places are Dr Barbara Sobczak (Poland), Dr Philip Tan (Australia), Dr Karla Soto (US), Dr João Fontes (Portugal) and Dr Sanjay Sah (Nepal).

Additionally, Straumann created the Purpose Award to honour the patient story felt by judges to best embody the life-changing impact that is the company’s mission. This award was won by Soto.

The winners represent all five regions of the Straumann Group: Western Europe, Central Europe and Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

“At Straumann, we are excited and proud to see how our customers are using our solutions to give patients the confidence to smile again,” said Haderer. “We would like to thank all of the participants. Their work in transforming patients’ lives inspires and motivates us even more.”

The videos from the 2021 SmileAward finalists can be viewed on Straumann.com.

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