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ALL NEW WITH NO AEROSOLS! The Only Hygiene Laser FDA Cleared For Laser Bacterial Reduction

Epic Hygiene is the total solution to your patients’ early perio needs.



Laser Bacterial Reduction has never been easier!

  • Laser bacterial reduction (decontamination) and reduction of inflammation
  • Pocket Therapy: Debris removal for preventative care
  • Perio Debridement: Sulcular debridement with epithelial and granulation tissue removal
  • Aphthous Ulcers & Herpetic Lesions
  • Hemostasis

Pre-set Hygiene Settings to Quickly Get Started

  • Handpiece design: tailored to fit the needs of the hygienist
  • Intuitive interface: with quick procedure selection and easy settings adjustment
  • Premium battery life: Rechargeable with over 8 hours of usage
  • Adaptable for all patients: Multiple power settings — Continuous Wave, and ComfortPulse technology

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