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Henry Schein – EdgeOne Fire

EdgeOne Fire is designed to shape canals in a reciprocating motion similar to other market leading products. 

Dürr Dental – Powder jet unit MyLunos

The MyLunos powder jet handpiece offers assistance with ease, power and ergonomic handling when you need to remove discolouration, deposits and biofilms.

DirectaDentalGroup – Paraben-free ProphyCare Prophy Paste

Offers reliable results ranging from regular cleaning to more complicated implant maintenance procedures

DirectaDentalGroup – FenderMate D-Coat

New non-stick sectional matrix by Directa

DirectaDentalGroup – Luxator P-series

New Luxator extraction instruments by Directa

Kuraray Noritake – KATANA AVENCIA Block

KATANA AVENCIA Block is a new type of hybrid ceramic developed bringing together the organic/inorganic technology and experience that we have gained through long years developing and working with rest…

Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Zirconia Block

The multi-layered KATANA Zirconia Block consists of four layers zirconia in graduated shades allowing the chairside fabrication of natural-tooth colored restorations. Eliminating a time-consuming and…

Kuraray Noritake – PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal is a forerunner in self-adhesive resin cements containing the unique LCSi monomer that adheres to virtually every material including glass ceramics without the need for a s…

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES

Your top award-winner for 4 years in a row, universal flowable composite now comes in 3 different levels of flowability. Adapted to your needs and providing durable, aesthetic and easy restorations. P…

Produits Dentaires – IrriFlex

The new standard in dental irrigation

Produits Dentaires – EssenSeal

Ready to become the new benchmark

Produits Dentaires – PD MTA White

Biocompatible obturation and repair material

Produits Dentaires – MAP One

Endodontic obturations and repairs made simple

Produits Dentaires – PD Eugenate desobturator

Solvent for endodontic filling materials

Produits Dentaires – OPACAL

Pre-mixed Calcium Hydroxide paste

Produits Dentaires – PD Plastic pipettes . 0.3 ml

Smart and cost-effective liquid delivery

Produits Dentaires – PD EDTA 17 % . Solution

Eases instrumentation and smear layer removal

Produits Dentaires – FIBRAPOST LUX

Light conducting – for dual-cure adhesive technique

Produits Dentaires – PD Cotton pellets

Super soft and extremely absorbent

Launca – DL200/200P Intraoral Scanner

Launca’s cutting-edge 2nd generation Intraoral Scanner

Southern Implants – INVERTA Implant

A New Implant for Optimizing Predictable Anterior Aesthetics

Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair Extra Fresh

Twice daily brushing helps to: Actively repair acid-weakened enamel Protect against the effects of acid erosion Keep teeth healthy Freshen breath Provide extra fresh taste Provide sensitivity relief a…

3DISC – QuantorClinic Scan and Order Management Software

QuantorClinic is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included in the Heron IOS solution.

Nobel Biocare – Rescue instrumentation

Solutions for every situation. A complete retrieval portfolio.

Nobel Biocare – PureSet Trays

Ease, speed and hygiene, all-in-one with PureSet freehand and guided surgery kits for conical connection implant systems. Stainless steel trays designed for automated cleaning.

Nobel Biocare – creos xenoprotect

A natural collagen membrane. Facilitates bone gain to support successful implant placement.

Nobel Biocare – creos xenogain

The natural framework for bone regeneration. A comprehensive range of xenogenic bone graft materials.

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