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Amann Girrbach – Zolid FX Multilayer

Polychromatic, super high translucent zirconia

Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Matik Full Service Unit

Ceramill Matik frees up 40% more time for value creation

Amann Girrbach – Zolid Gen-X

One zirconia for all indications

MIS – M4 Internal Hexagon Implant

MIS M4 implants combine the benefits of cylindrical and conical implant designs, aiming to achieve high primary stability in any clinical scenario.

3DISC – HeronClinic 3.1

The new Heron IOS experience has arrived – Check out the all new HeronClinic 3.1

ACTEON – Expasyl Exact

Expasyl Exact is effective and atraumatic gingival retraction paste delivered in cost effective, single use capsules that can fit in any composite application gun.

Straumann n!ce

Unique proprietary fully crystallised glass-ceramic developed and produced by Straumann

exocad – DentalCAD

Powered by passion, executed in excellence

exocad – ChairsideCAD

The new era of single-visit dentistry

exocad – exoplan

Inspiring excellence in guided surgery

exocad – dentalshare

Multi-directional collaboration tool

Amann Girrbach – ceramill argotherm 2

Shielding gas sinter furnace and flood chamber for Ceramill Sintron

Amann Girrbach – smartmix X2

Perfect mixture results thanks to patented mixing blade geometry and amazingly simple operating concept

Amann Girrbach – ceramill map 600

The fully automatic high-performance scanner for open articulator scanning

Amann Girrbach – artex cr

Model management articulator and universal diagnosis and therapy unit in Arcon design

Planmeca ProScanner 2.0

User-friendly and reliable imaging plate scanner

Planmeca Creo C5

The ultimate dental 3D printer

EMS – AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

The original. The master.


The original. The master.


YOUR ALL-IN-ONE PROPHYLAXIS SOLUTION The AIRFLOW PLUS powder is the first high-tech powder that removes Biofilm and young calculus in a minimally-invasive way from all types of surfaces: enamel, denti…

LM-Dental – LM-Servo 8E

The LM-Servo E cassettes are equipped with safety shields preventing sharp injuries and protecting the blades. The patented design of LM-Servo E safety shield lamels guides the washing fluid through t…

Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Cleaner

During trial fitting your restoration might become contaminated with proteins reducing the bond strength. KATANA Cleaner has a high cleaning effect due to the surface active characteristic of MDP Salt…

exocad – exoscan

A full-featured dental scanning software, designed to integrate legacy scanners with exocad DentalCAD

CURAPROX Perio Plus+

CURAPROX Perio Plus+ is a new generation of antiseptic mouthwashes, gel and toothpaste containing just the right amount of chlorhexidine for each case and patient. The secret ingredient? CITROX, a pot…

ACTEON – imaging systems

X-MIND TRIUM is a 3-in-1 extraoral imaging device, it adapts to the growing needs of dental offices by pairing 2D panoramic with 3D imaging and digital cephalometric analysis. The TRUE LOW DOSE techno…


CAMLOG is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for implant dentistry with R&D in Switzerland and manufacturing in Germany. The implant systems of CAMLOG are characterized by specific implant/…

3DISC – Heron IOS Color Scanner

Heron™ IOS is an intraoral color scanner designed together with dentists to ensure a perfect fit into the modern dental practice.

Henry Schein – EdgeOne Fire

EdgeOne Fire is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion.

Dürr Dental – Powder jet unit MyLunos

The MyLunos powder jet handpiece offers assistance with ease, power and ergonomic handling when you need to remove discolouration, deposits and biofilms.

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