3Shape TRIOS 3 outperforms Medit i500 intra-oral scanner in study

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3Shape TRIOS 3 outperforms Medit i500 intra-oral scanner in study

3Shape TRIOS 3 is a wireless intra-oral scanner that can help increase treatment acceptance rates, according to the company. (Image: 3Shape)
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Fri. 23. July 2021


SEOUL, South Korea: The integration of CAD/CAM technologies into clinical dental workflows continues to grow as digital dentistry devices become more easily accessible. In a recent study measuring the relative accuracy of intra-oral scanners, the Danish dental company 3Shape’s TRIOS 3 was found to outperform the Medit i500 intra-oral scanner in several important criteria.

“The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of two different intra-oral scanners on a specially designed full-arch reference model with several scanning-aid materials,” the study authors noted.

They continued: “To evaluate the accuracy, 3D superimposition with best-fit alignment and linear measurements of the designated distances on the reference model were used. Additionally, the time efficiency was verified by measuring the scan time. Therefore, the effectiveness of each scanning-aid material for two intra-oral scanners was compared and assessed.”

Among its results, the study found that:

  • 3Shape TRIOS 3 showed significantly higher precision compared with the Medit i500;
  • 3Shape TRIOS 3 showed better scan shape reproducibility than the Medit I500 in all experimental groups; and
  • the Medit i500 scanner showed a higher error than the 3Shape TRIOS 3 intra-oral scanner in the full-arch reference model.

In addition, the authors advised that the time taken to conduct an intra-oral scan “is affected by not only the scanner’s quality of recognition but also the limited situations of patients (saliva, tongue, trismus, and patient’s uncontrolled movement, etc.) and the proficiency of the operator”.

The study, titled “Influence of scanning-aid materials on the accuracy and time efficiency of intraoral scanners for full-arch digital scanning: An in vitro study”, was published online on 30 April 2021 in Materials.

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