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ACTEON - imaging systems


X-MIND TRIUM is a 3-in-1 extraoral imaging device, it adapts to the growing needs of dental offices by pairing 2D panoramic with 3D imaging and digital cephalometric analysis. The TRUE LOW DOSE technology implemented on the device guarantees an increased level of safety and protection for the patient, with up to 50% less radiation exposure, without compromises in diagnostic reliability and accuracy. Paired with AIS software, X-MIND TRIUM brings you in the digital dentistry world.

X-MIND PRIME is the most compact 2D or 2D/3D imaging device, which can be seamlessly integrated in any clinical environment thanks to its zero footprint and clean design. X-MIND PRIME is created to enhance the comfort of both the operator and the patient, the intuitive user interface allows to set the exam in seconds, the automatic unit positioning guarantees to never miss the target, the face to face positioning improves the communication with the patient during the exam-preparation phase.