ACTEON – ImplantCenter 2

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ACTEON – ImplantCenter 2


The alliance of technologies for fast and secure bone surgeries

ACTEON ImplantCenter 2 surgical unit is specially designed to meet everyone’s priority of improving patient care. The alliance of the most advanced ultrasonics and rotating technologies ensures total independence in all surgical applications (from implantology to periodontic therapy). Its LED handpieces and its large 5.7’’ touchsensitive screen make it the ideal combined device dedicated to bone surgery.

The benefits of surgical ultrasonic have been widely demonstrated: safe cut, minimal bone loss, optimal visibility, superior healing, reduced post-operative pain, comfort for both patient and practitioner.
Complete, the ImplantCenter 2 symbolizes the perfect association of safety and speed with 3 available modes:

  • Piezotome for pre-implant surgery,
  • I-SURGE implantology motor,
  • NEWTRON for all conventional treatments.
    Each program is easily customized and saved: ultrasonic power, speed rotation, contra-angle, irrigation, torque, etc.

The PIEZOTOME mode facilitates and improves the safety of delicate pre-implant surgical procedures such as: extraction, fine osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus elevation (lateral and crestal), ridge expansion , Piezocision (surgical orthodontic treatment)… ImplantCenter 2 is active on hard tissues, limiting the risk of soft tissue lesions. The modulated piezo signal allows tissue relaxation and excellent cell repair for a clean cut and better healing.
The NEWTRON mode, intended for conventional treatment, allows the use of the widest range of tips on the market: More than 80 tips with different designs, alloys and coating for clinical versatility:

  • Prophylaxis
  • Periodontics
  • Implant Care
  • Endodontics
  • Surgical endodontics
  • Conservative and restorative dentistry

Thanks to the patented Colour Coding System, it is very easy to use, just choose the power of the colour of the tip to ensure best performances of each tip.
The I-SURGE rotating mode is especially convincing due to its constant torque and steady high-performance, even in lower revolution ranges. Also, with a wide range from 100 to 40 000 rpm, it offers the widest revolution range in its class. And with 6 N/cm, it delivers unrivalled torque in micro-motors.