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Digital Local Anaesthesia. Benefits, tricks and techniques for gentle injections.

The use of computer-controlled anaesthesia in dentistry helps us delivering effective injections as well as giving to our patient a painless treatment from the start. Safety, control of the drug dose and pressure, automatic aspiration and predictable techniques are just the beginning to a higher comfort to our patients, effective and atraumatic anaesthesia.

The way to tissue-friendly extractions – my experience of tooth luxation

A fresh look at extractions is important to every dental professional. Bringing bone preservation into focus, implantology has changed the way we perform exodontia. There are many systems in place to make minimally invasive extractions possible. Luxation is a well-established, predictable and easy to learn technique that should become part of your daily practice.

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On the Causes of Endodontic Failures

Ali Saleh DDS, MMSc Specialist Endodontist

On the Causes of Endodontic Failures

Apical periodontitis is an inflammatory response to microbial aetiologies originating from the root canal system in infected teeth. The aim of root canal treatments is to prevent and eradicate infections in the root canal system. If done properly this will most often lead to periapical healing.

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Ipersensibilità Dentinale. Gestione, metodi ed ergonomia

Consuelo Sanavia Igienista Dentale

Ipersensibilità Dentinale. Gestione, metodi ed ergonomia

L’ipersensibilità dentale HD è un fenomeno clinico che condiziona la vita e l’igiene orale orale del paziente. Distinguere e quantificare l’ipersensibilità può aiutare il professionista nella gestione e nella scelta del trattamento da effettuare.

Computer-controlled local anaesthesia & paediatric patients: how to make your injections safe and effective

Local anaesthesia can often be unbearable for young patients and stressful for a dentist. A computer-controlled local anaesthesia system allows the delivery speed and pressure to be adjusted to the clinical situation, developmental, anatomical, and physiological tissue differences observed in children. Effective anaesthesia is achieved with a lower amount of analgesic reducing the risk of toxic or allergic reactions and minimizing discomfort and sensation of numbness after the treatment. It helps prevent unwanted self- injuries to the lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Computer-controlled local anaesthesia: why you should swap your traditional syringe or carpule for a digital system

Local anaesthesia can and should be atraumatic. A computer-controlled local anaesthesia system allows the delivery speed and pressure to be adjusted to the tissue absorption capacity. Effective anaesthesia is achieved with a lower amount of the analgesic and without the accompanying discomfort or a sensation of numbness after the procedure.

Predictable Grafting for Any Experience Level & Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction

A review of the most clinically effective, atraumatic and easy-to-use extraction systems followed by a discussion on socket grafting techniques, from simple to more advanced in preparation for surgical placement of dental implants.

Simple tricks for excellent photography in ordinary dentistry

From x-ray to extra-oral and intra-oral photography, Dr. Giani goes through every step of dental photography illustrating the tools, the camera settings, the position of the photographer and the team, sharing the secrets behind her outstanding case reports.

Trucchi facili per una fotografia eccellente nell’odontoiatria ordinaria

Dalla radiografia alla fotografia extraorale e intraorale, la Dott.ssa Giani ci accompagna durante ogni fase della fotografia odontoiatrica illustrando gli strumenti, le impostazioni della fotocamera, la posizione del fotografo e del team, condividendo i segreti dietro i suoi casi eccezionali.

Exploring the Bioactive concept: a major change in restorative dentistry?

In light of bioactive buzz, this presentation will explore the use of bioactive materials in dental restorative procedures and illustrate its advantages & limitations.

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