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Visual examination is the first stage in diagnosis. So mirrors quickly became essential in dentistry as the practitioner's third eye. Knowing that in the oral cavity, dentists work with indirect vision, the compensation of a perfect image via these mirrors is essential in making a reliable diagnosis and performant treatment. To meet modern dentistry standards, the exacting nature of the ACTEON PURE REFLECT mirrors offers true clarity with a reflection rate close to 100%, providing a precise image of colors and dental structures without distortion.

The PURE REFLECT TECHNOLOGY is available for mouth mirrors, photo mirrors and micro mirrors.

In microsurgery, the combination of the small size and the precision of the mirror allow the endodontists to practice retro endo surgery in optimum conditions with a qualitative microscope.

« I am using the Pure Reflect micro-mirrors for easier access to retro micro-cavities and I appreciate their true clarity. They reflect the colors of dental structures precisely and allow prefect vision of the root canal, without any distortion under the microscope. These conditions have become essential, for performing endodontic dental surgery ».
Dr Cochet, France, endodontist

The dental photography is a exigent art. It requires reliable tools to reflect the most accurate reality, information and details. Pure reflect photo mirrors helps the practitioner to be effective in communicating with the laboratory and patient. They also aim at highlighting the dental treatment and restoration for patient files, lectures or scientific articles.

“The exceptional luminosity and the colored fidelity define the Pure Reflect mirrors as indispensable tools to qualitative intrabuccal photograph”
Pr J-F. Lasserre France, Cosmetic dentistry

Gathering all these qualities noted above, the mouth mirrors support the dentists in
their daily practice from diagnostic to treatment, bringing benefits to all dental
clinical acts.