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Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Therm DRS


Same-day crowns made from Zolid zirconia—fast, beautiful and safe

The Ceramill Therm Direct Restoration System (DRS) high-speed sintering furnace from Amann Girrbach allows users to sinter zirconia restorations in just 20 minutes.

With Ceramill Therm DRS and the specifically developed Zolid DRS zirconia or the popular Zolid Gen-X universal zirconia, Amann Girrbach offers the perfect basis for the ultra-fast fabrication of highly aesthetic zirconia restorations.

The focus of the development was clearly on the issue of safety, as only durable restorations are of benefit to the laboratory, the clinician and the patient. For this reason, numerous studies were conducted by renowned external institutes. The results were conclusive: The rapid sintering cycle has no negative effects on the material properties.

The Zolid DRS zirconia was developed specifically for the high-speed sintering furnace and offers maximum safety owing to the perfectly matched 16 VITA shades with integrated colour and translucency gradient and a flexural strength of > 800 MPa.

With the approval of the Zolid Gen-X universal zirconia for high-speed sintering, laboratories now become even more flexible. The integrated colour and translucency gradient and the > 1,000 MPa flexural strength well exceed any indication constraints. Only the shades may show minimal deviations―they can appear slightly brighter. The darker the original shade of the blank, the more pronounced the effect.

Both laboratories and dental practices benefit from this innovative high-speed sintering process, which will allow them to add same-day crowns to their service offering. Owing to the extremely shortened sintering process, single-tooth crowns and three-unit bridges can be fabricated in just one day―from preparation to final insertion. In addition, the fabrication of other indications can also be shortened considerably. For example, an implant restoration consisting of a zirconia abutment and a crown.

More information can be found at https://www.amanngirrbach.com/en/ceramill-drs/.

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