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Curaprox – Perio plus regenerate


Curaprox Perio plus regenerate is a new generation of antiseptic mouthwashes, gel and toothpaste containing just the right amount of chlorhexidine for each case and patient. The secret ingredient? Citrox, a potent natural antiseptic sourced from bitter oranges. CITROX is combined with polylysine amino acids for enhanced efficacy and prolonged working time.

In patients undergoing periodontal therapy or implant surgery, Curaprox Perio plus regenerate helps to eliminate oral pathogens and prevent plaque formation. Perio plus regenerate mouthwash is available in different chlorhexidine concentrations, ranging from a bacteriostatic 0.05% up to a bactericidal 0.20%, for adequate, individualised treatment, while the Perio plus regenerate support toothpaste contains a balanced 0.09%. The 0.5% chlorhexidine gel is perfect for localised treatment of wounds, infections or implant complications. Moreover, the toothpaste, gel and regenerate mouthwash contain hyaluronic acid, which promotes tissue regeneration.

Naturally improved

Boasting natural antioxidant and antibacterial effects against a broad range of oral pathogens, Citrox breaks down biofilm and slows down its regrowth. Because Citrox enhances the overall antibacterial effect of Perio plus regenerate, a gradually lower dose of chlorhexidine can be used after treatment, minimising side effects. The unique combination of Citrox and polylysine—another natural antiseptic—prolongs Citrox’s substantivity, while a pleasant fresh mint flavour minimises taste disturbance and enhances patient compliance. Lastly, Perio plus regenerate contains no alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate, ensuring that the chlorhexidine remains effective and the oral mucosa is not irritated.

The alcohol-free formula, combining the strength of chlorhexidine and CITROX, offers protection against a wide range of microorganisms, minimises taste disturbance, and ensures a pleasant taste.

With solutions for both short- and long-term use, Perio plus products are ideal for preventing the build-up of plaque pre- and post-oral surgery. Perio plus also supports the treatment of chronic inflammation and provides an effective solution to patients with an increased risk of dental disease.

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