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DirectaDentalGroup – Paraben-free ProphyCare Prophy Paste


Offers reliable results ranging from regular cleaning to more complicated implant maintenance procedures

Directa, the innovative manufacturer of dental consumables with its headquarters in Sweden, is proud to introduce its latest advancement in dental hygiene materials: paraben-free ProphyCare Prophy Paste.

Paraben-free ProphyCare Prophy Paste is the latest addition to Directa’s prophylaxis pastes with a unique non-splattering, homogeneous formula that does not dry out, liquefy or separate. This new line of prophylaxis pastes answers consumers’ concerns about the use of parabens in many personal care products. These very common preservatives have a chemical structure similar to that of oestrogen and can, even in tiny amounts, promote the growth of breast cancer cells, according to recent research.

ProphyCare Prophy Paste is available in two grits, ProphyCare Prophy Paste Blue Coarse (RDA = 250; 125 μ) and ProphyCare Prophy Paste Red Fine (RDA = 120; 20 μ). The two pastes can be used in combination.

The Blue Coarse paste is pumice-based and a perfect starter, ideal for cleaning discoloured surfaces, including stubborn stains caused by coffee or tobacco, and for removing thick layers of plaque.

The Red Fine paste is silica-based and excellent for final polishing after ProphyCare Prophy Paste Blue Coarse. It is a gentle cleaner and tissue-friendly stain remover. It can also be used alone to remove small amounts of plaque, for root surfaces and for lightly discoloured teeth.

Like all Directa prophylaxis pastes, paraben-free ProphyCare Prophy Paste contains 0.1% fluoride.

Directa AB has been manufacturing and distributing internationally recognised quality dental consumables for over 100 years. Directa’s products are developed and evaluated by a select team of renowned, highly qualified Swedish and international dental professionals with the aim of making life easier for dental clinicians in their daily work.