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ProphyCare HAp is a new generation of prophy pastes with a unique composition including hydroxyapatite that effectively will block the open dentin tubules on an exposed dentin surface. The result is a barrier that will provide the patient with instant relief from hypersensitivity.

ProphyCare HAp is used for both stain removal and final polishing. It offers effective stain removal properties at the beginning of the treatment, then the abrasive effect gradually reduces, giving the paste its final polishing properties at the end of the treatment. Using the same paste for stain removal and final polishing offers decreased treatment time. It is fluoride and paraben free and studies* have shown that products containing hydroxyapatite show better remineralising properties than traditional fluoride products. ProphyCare HAp’s mild mint taste and appealing texture is pleasant for patients of all ages and does not splatter, liquify or separate and is easy to rinse-off.

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