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DirectaDentalGroup – Luxator P-series


New Luxator extraction instruments by Directa

Directa, the innovative manufacturer of dental consumables with headquarters in Sweden, is proud to introduce its latest advancement in atraumatic extraction instruments: the Luxator P-series.

The Luxator P-series offers the advantage of working with a penholder grip, giving increased tactility, an important feature as these new instruments are thinner and sharper than the original Luxator periotomes. Initiating the extraction process with instruments from the P-series will simplify the work considerably.

The new Luxator P-series features a very user-friendly design. The penholder grip provides maximum tactility, sight and control, making the instrument very effective for an atraumatic and controlled extraction. The increased tactility of these thin instruments improves the operator’s ability to probe the periodontal ligament space and is useful when roots require separation as in the case of multi-rooted molars. Minimum effort is required to enable these extremely thin and sharp instruments to reach the alveolar socket and cut the periodontal ligament. The Luxator P-series can also be used together with a dental mallet.

The Luxator P-series instruments come in four popular blade shapes: straight, inverted curved, contra-angle and dual edge. They can be purchased separately or as a kit.

The titanium-coated tip offers 43% less friction than conventional steel instruments do, ensuring better access for effectively cutting off the periodontal ligament.

Directa has been manufacturing and distributing internationally recognised quality dental consumables for over 100 years. Directa’s products are developed and evaluated by a select team of renowned, highly-qualified Swedish and international dental professionals with the aim of making life easier for dental clinicians in their daily work.