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Dürr Dental – MyLunos Duo


The all-rounder for all purposes

MyLunos Duo combines two of the most important treatment methods for a prophylaxis session: powder jet treatment and ultrasound treatment. The combined unit enables complete prophylaxis and periodontal treatment using just a single device, with highly flexible application tailored to the needs of the individual patient – ranging from ultrasonic removal of supragingival and subgingival calculus to the removal of discolouration and biofilm with the powder jet.

  • Needs-oriented
    One device, one solution – for every patient case and for every treatment scenario
  • Efficient
    Multifunctional application options and high cleaning power down to the root area
  • Compatible
    The Lunos nozzle system is compatible with the MyLunosLunos powder jet handpiece as well as the MyLunos Duo combination device
  • Service-oriented
    Our promise: the best service – for the highest customer satisfaction

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