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The Lunos prophylaxis system from DÜRR DENTAL


The Lunos brand from DÜRR DENTAL represents a portfolio of matching products, all combined in a single system. This means the Lunos range offers devices, consumables and accessories for almost all steps of prophylaxis treatment. This is exactly the great advantage for the user. The premium brand Lunos offers everything from a single source.

The first step of the prevention process is all about diagnostics and consultation. The VistaCam iX HD smart intraoral camera provides reliable diagnostic support before and after treatment.

The second step, "Preparatory measures and remotivation", is mainly about giving the patient a good feeling and encouraging them that the prophylaxis session is important - for prevention and their own well-being. We support this with suitable accessory products:
The fourth process step deals with the removal of extrinsic discoloration and polishing of the surfaces. The MyLunos powder waterjet unit is suitable for this, or alternatively polishing with polishing pastes suitable for this purpose.

In the fifth step of the prevention process, the emphasis is on protecting and strengthening the tooth structure. The Lunos system offers several suitable products for this purpose.

In the sixth step, prophylaxis session "recall planning", the Lunos wellness towel ensures a pleasant conclusion to the treatment. The VistaCam iX HD smart also supports patient communication in this final step of professional tooth cleaning.

In this video, the various products of the premium brand Lunos are clearly presented and their use in the respective process step is explained.