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From Hell to Heaven- changing both the clinician and patient experience during orthodontic care

Preventative care for the orthodontic patient can be a stressful experience for a dental clinician and patient. With a much larger surface area for biofilm to adhere to and with orthodontic appliances making it harder for the clinician to perform their care, it can often lead to an appointment where not all the biofilm is removed and the clinician is feeling stressed. Treatment doesn’t have to be this way, using the GBT protocol for orthodontic treatment can change the experience to a positive one for both the clinician and the patient

Ein neuer Maßstab in der Prophylaxe – Ein Update

In dem Tutorial steht das Management des Biofilms im Vordergrund. DH Adina Mauder gibt einen Einblick, welche modernen Behandlungsmethoden möglich sind.

Prophylaxe und PZR heute – in Zeiten von Corona

In der Behandlung zum Thema „Prophylaxe und PZR heute – in Zeiten von Corona“ stellt Adina Mauder, Dentalhygienikerin (DH) und Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) Trainerin ein systematisches und risikoorientiertes Ablauf-Protokoll für die Recall-Sitzung – die „Guided Biofilm Therapy“ – vor.

A dream clean adhesive regime – Applications and Implications of AIRFLOW® in Restorative Dentistry

Contemporary restorative dentistry relies on developing the best possible adhesive interface between the tooth structure and the restoration. Key to this is creating the ideal tooth surface to ensure optimal mechanical and chemical bonding when using adhesive restorative materials.

The Crucial role of orthodontics in the multidisciplinary treatment of paediatric OSAS

This study (my PhD research) followed 3329 children between ages of 7-9 years old that were referred to me for an orthodontic consultation by their general dentist. The purpose of the study was to see what combination of treatments would most reduce the impact of sleep disordered breathing, in the p

On Demand Webinar

How to maximise your profitability with GBT

Celso Ismael Varandas Da Costa

How to maximise your profitability with GBT

GBT can help us developing a profitable business model with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency, becoming really important in the developing of prophylaxis and working as an amazing practice builder.

How to effectively implement change in your dental practice and adapt to the new “normal”

This webinar will discuss how your dental practice can effectively implement positive change to mitigate risk towards their business while protecting both patients and staff.

On Demand Webinar

Beat the Biofilm (COVID-19)

Emma Jones

Beat the Biofilm (COVID-19)

In this webinar Emma Jones, Infection Control Manager at Henry Schein, will cover off what you need to do in order to be ready to see patients SAFELY again after this reduced clinical time we’ve endured and still continue to endure due to Covid19.

On Demand Webinar

The New (old) Approach to Managing Caries

Cathy Boyce Oral Health Therapist

The New (old) Approach to Managing Caries

What are silver fluorides and how exactly do they work to improve caries and sensitivity management? How can they be used to benefit clients when we are working under conditions which restrict aerosol-generating procedures?

My Perspective on Being a Hygienist during COVID-19 & Beyond

Dental Professionals particularly Dental hygienists are at the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19 due to how close we come to our patients and the risk of aerosols. What does returning to work look like & what steps do we need to take to protect ourselves?

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