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FDI World Dental Congress 2024 promises a valuable continuing education and networking experience

In Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia, the FDI World Dental Congress 2024 will bring together diverse perspectives and expertise from across the globe. (Image: Pavol Kmeto/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 28. May 2024


ISTANBUL, Turkey: FDI World Dental Federation has recently announced the programme for the much-awaited World Dental Congress 2024 (WDC24), scheduled to be held in the vibrant city of Istanbul in Turkey from 12 to 15 September. Featuring over 150 sessions and offering 144 continuing education credits, the event is poised to set new standards in professional development and networking within the dental community. The event is being co-hosted with the Turkish Dental Association and will provide an opportunity to learn from leading experts and stay updated on the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry.

WDC24 will feature a comprehensive four-day scientific programme presented in parallel sessions in eight halls. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in cutting-edge research, innovative clinical practices and emerging trends in dentistry. The topics to be covered include multidisciplinary treatment approaches, clinical dilemmas and improved clinical decision-making, overcoming failure, risk assessment, measuring success in dental practice, anterior aesthetics, managing complications and difficult cases, artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of dentistry.

The meticulously crafted scientific programme comprises multiple streams, including an international and local track, alongside FDI-led sessions, meet-the-expert sessions and hands-on courses. Additionally, a dedicated track has been created specifically for members of the dental team, including abstract presentations through e-posters and free communications.

The many speakers from near and far will share invaluable insights across a spectrum of dental disciplines. Some of the dental professionals from the region who will be speaking are Prof. Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Burak Yılmaz, Prof. Banu Karayazgan, Dr Bora Korkut, Prof. Esra Can, Prof. Erdem Kılıç, Dr Tolga Tözüm, Prof. Zafer C. Çehreli, Dr Aylin Baysan, Dr Serhat Aslan and Dr Galip Gürel. Among the prominent international speakers are Prof. Syngcuk Kim, Prof. Georgios Romanos, Prof. Miguel Roig Cayón, Prof. Salvatore Sauro, Prof. Lorenzo Breschi, Dr Taiseer A. Sulaiman, Dr Roberto Sorrentino, Prof. Paulo Monteiro and Prof. Camillo D’Arcangelo.

One of the highlights of the upcoming event is a symposium hosted by the Digital Dentistry Society, which will focus on the transformative effects of digital technologies on implant dentistry and other areas of prosthodontics. The session will be led by Prof. Simona Tecco, Dr Henriette Lerner, Dr Francesco Mangano, Dr Carlo Mangano and Dr Giuseppe Luongo and offer a timely exploration of innovations shaping the future of the profession.

Attendees can also look forward to the second edition of the Young Dentists Forum, which will feature a dynamic 3-hour session by Dr Miguel Stanley titled “Leadership in dentistry: Mindset for success”. Tailored specifically for young dental professionals and students, the forum offers a platform for emerging voices in dentistry to shine on an international stage. The two-day programme will also include an informal question and answer session, providing a unique opportunity for young dentists, students and industry representatives to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas.

Moreover, an FDI-led session on AI in dentistry will offer a comprehensive overview of its applications in the field. The session will introduce the concept of AI-driven precision dentistry and showcase current AI solutions tailored for dental practices. It will focus on AI technologies in dental image analysis, evaluating the capabilities, strengths and limitations of these. Furthermore, it will explore the impact of natural language processing, exemplified by large language models such as ChatGPT, on dental education and address the ensuing educational, social and ethical challenges. The session will be led by the well-known experts Prof. Falk Schwendicke, Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs and Dr Sergio E. Uribe.

WDC24 will unfold across two venues located in what is known as Istanbul’s “congress valley”: Istanbul Congress Center and Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The venues, only a minute away from one another, are conveniently connected via a gateway, giving participants access without having to step outside.

More information about the event and registration can be found here.

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