Pledge to “Act on Mouth Health” at the 2019 World Oral Health Day official launch

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The Lebanese Association of Dental Students, the Tanzania Dental Association, the Australian Dental Association and the Tunisian Association of Dental Students (from left) are the winners of the WOHD Awards 2018. At the WOHD 2019 campaign launch, they got together for a photo with Edoardo Cavalle (middle) who is part of the FDI Finance Committee. (Photograph: Gilberto Lontro, FDI World Dental Federation)
FDI World Dental Federation

FDI World Dental Federation

Fri. 7. September 2018


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina: FDI’s World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign provides a platform to raise awareness and encourage action in favour of good oral health. By leveraging thoughtfully coordinated efforts at local, national and global levels, the voice of the oral health community can be amplified leading up to WOHD, which is celebrated on 20 March every year. The campaign for 2019 was launched this morning at the World Dental Congress.

“Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health”—the motto of next year’s WOHD—aims to motivate individuals to take charge of their own oral health by taking specific action to prevent oral disease and safeguard their overall health. Beyond the individual level, the campaign will encourage oral health professionals to act as advocates of good oral health by informing their patients about the prevention, management and treatment of oral disease. The campaign will also secure commitment from policymakers to address the oral disease burden and integrate oral health into policies that address other diseases. All stakeholders must work together to address the oral disease issue and ensure everyone is prepared to “Act on Mouth Health”.

As part of the WOHD 2019 launch, FDI honoured the 2018 WOHD Award winners. Each year, FDI recognises those who have made outstanding contributions to the campaign. At the award ceremony, FDI warmly congratulated each winner for their exemplary work and hopes that their efforts will inspire others to lead equally engaging campaigns of their own.

The categories and winners are listed below.

WOHD Award winners:

Most Educational Activity: Tanzania Dental Association

Best Media Campaign: Australian Dental Association

Most Original Activity: Tunisian Association of Dental Students

Best Social Media Campaign: Lebanese Association of Dental Students

Special recognition:

The Moroccan Association of Oral Health Prevention

Millions of people around the globe continue to suffer from poor oral health and the growing burden of oral disease demands action on an individual, family and community level. Poor oral health extends far beyond the mouth, taking a serious toll on an individual’s overall health and well-being. However, FDI is confident that simple, targeted action has the ability to curb the prevalence of oral disease and make oral health a personal priority for everyone.

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