FKG Dentaire – Race ISO 10

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FKG Dentaire – Race ISO 10


3 instruments make up the Race ISO 10 range, all with a size of ISO 10 and with .02, .04 and .06 taper. This represents a significant technological advance. The Race ISO 10 are designed to reach working length in calcified or very narrow canals when manual K files of ISO 06 or 08 cannot progress further. They turn at a speed of 600-800 rotations per minute. The Race ISO 10 files enable the faster and safer creation of a glide path than with manual instruments. Thanks to the Race ISO 10 range’s slender design and their exceptional flexibility, the instruments follow the canal’s anatomy perfectly, even in the median and apical third. They are used without pressure up to working length.

Several exclusive technological advances lie behind Race range’s efficacy and worldwide renown:

  • Exclusive rounded safety tip for precise guiding
  • Alternating cutting edges to eliminate screwing-in effect
  • Sharp edges for best cutting efficiency
  • Electro-chemical polishing for better resistance to torsion and fatigue
  • SafetyMemoDisc (SMD) to master metal fatigue


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