HASSBIO partners with imes-icore and pritidenta on new milling solution

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HASSBIO partners with imes-icore and pritidenta on new milling solution

Yongsu Kim, founder and CEO of HASSBIO, says that joining forces with German companies imes-icore and pritidenta represents a game-changer for the dental industry. (Image: HASSBIO)

Tue. 18. April 2023


GANGNEUNG, South Korea, South Korea: A leading bioceramics manufacturer for dental CAD/CAM in South Korea, HASSBIO has announced new strategic partnerships with imes-icore and pritidenta aimed at producing the first lithium disilicate disc solution. By integrating HASS’s recently launched Amber Mill Disk into its CORiTEC CAM series, imes-icore has enabled effective milling of the discs to produce several restorations simultaneously. Pritidenta has contributed its expertise as a distribution and material partner to manage the integration into the existing CORiTEC material portfolio.

Amber Mill Disk is a highly aesthetic and innovative nano-lithium disilicate CAD/CAM disc that is available in 19 shades. The disc’s translucency (high, medium and low) and opacity (medium) can be modified by heat treatment without affecting the properties of the restoration, achieving both the opalescence and fluorescence of natural teeth. It offers superior physical properties owing to the denser and more cross-linked crystalline structure. Owing to the outstanding machinability of Amber Mill Disk, there is reduced incidence of chipping of the edges of the milled restorations.

Yongsu Kim, founder and CEO of HASSBIO, commented: “Establishing the correct milling strategy to mill a lithium disilicate disc was a difficult task that was accomplished after several months of revisions by the talented imes-icore engineering team.” He added that the combination of imes-icore’s efforts with the properties of the Amber Mill Disk represented a game-changer for the dental industry. “With our combined solution, dental professionals can now fabricate at a lower cost while saving a tremendous amount of labour time,” Kim said.

To kick off the strategic partnership, imes-icore and pritidenta have validated the Amber Mill Disk and integrated it into their CORiTEC milling solution. Amber Mill Disks are now configured for optimised fabrication on the CORiTEC systems.

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