Dental News - Amber Mill Direct—HASSBIO announces industry game-changer for IDS 2023

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Amber Mill Direct—HASSBIO announces industry game-changer for IDS 2023

HASSBIO develops glass-ceramic materials for natural-looking teeth. (Image: HASSBIO)

Wed. 22. February 2023


GANGNEUNG, South Korea/COLOGNE, Germany: HASSBIO, a leading manufacturer of ceramic dental materials from South Korea, recently launched Amber Mill Direct, a pre-crystallised lithium disilicate block that enables delivery of chairside restorations within 1 hour. The unique properties of Amber Mill Direct allow practitioners to achieve excellent aesthetic results that have great opalescence and translucency without the need for oven time. Visitors to the upcoming International Dental Show (IDS) will have the opportunity to learn more about the product on-site.

Owing to Amber Mill Direct’s microstructures, milling time is significantly reduced. Restorations can be polished and finished directly after milling. Smooth margins can be achieved without the need for firing.

Conducted by the Dental Advisor Biomaterials Research Center, independent tests of the flexural strength of Amber Mill Direct blocks in the incisal, middle and cervical areas showed that cervical areas had the highest strength—an important feature of the product, since this is where most stress fractures from occlusal loading occur. In addition, the incisal areas exhibited higher translucency for favourable aesthetic results. The tests further revealed that Amber Mill Direct showed minimal machining damage when examined under the scanning electron microscope.

In January, Amber Mill and Amber Mill Direct received the 2023 Top Product Award from DENTAL ADVISOR in the ceramic block category.

During IDS, dental professionals can learn more about the product at the HASSBIO booth (#O041) in Hall 11.2. More information can be found at


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