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ITI announces new consensus statements and clinical recommendations for implant treatment

Participants from all over the world at the seventh ITI Consensus Conference in Lisbon in Portugal in May. (Image: ITI)

BASEL, Switzerland: The International Team for Implantology (ITI) once again convened leading experts in implant dentistry and related fields to review the latest literature and establish implant dentistry guidelines for the coming five years during its seventh ITI Consensus Conference, held in early May. The findings were presented at the organisation’s annual conference, also held in Lisbon in Portugal in the same week.

Latest ITI consensus statements defined and presented

Three days of intensive exchange by more than 90 professionals at the consensus conference culminated in the distillation of a new set of ITI consensus statements and clinical recommendations based on the latest available evidence. These were presented in a concentrated day of lectures at the very well-attended annual conference.

The ITI holds its consensus conferences every five years to review the latest literature. The discussions at the most recent edition covered five main areas: surgical techniques, technology, oral medicine, patient benefits, and implant placement and loading protocols.

ITI President Dr Charlotte Stilwell said, “Evidence-based implant dentistry is a key part of the ITI’s DNA. Our regular ITI Consensus Conferences and the resulting statements and in particular the clinical recommendations ensure that the implant dentistry community can apply the latest treatment approaches with confidence.”

To ensure that the consensus statements are available to as broad an audience as possible, they will be published online in an open-access supplement to Clinical Oral Implants Research later this year. The statements will also be available on the ITI website.

ITI honorary fellowships for 2023

Each year, the ITI takes particular pleasure in distinguishing long-serving ITI fellows for their outstanding achievements in the field of implant dentistry and on behalf of the organisation. At the annual dinner after the annual conference, this lifetime honour was awarded to Dr Luca Cordaro (Italy), Prof. Christoph Hämmerle (Switzerland), Dr Frank Higginbottom (US), Prof. Hideaki Katsuyama (Japan) and Dr Dean Morton (US).

New ITI Education Committee chair

Dr Nikos Mattheos. (Image: ITI)

After eight years as chair of the ITI Education Committee, Prof. Daniel Wismeijer (Netherlands) has rotated off the committee and the board of directors. He is being replaced by Dr Nikos Mattheos (Hong Kong), whose strong background in education, particularly as an early adopter of digital education approaches, makes him the ideal choice for this position.

Dr Mattheos commented, “This is a position of responsibility, but also one that offers personal growth and an opportunity to introduce and test ideas, influence future directions and explore new pathways for ITI education and implant dentistry in general.”

New ITI sections

Sections represent the ITI’s global scope and strength in countries and regions around the world and play a pivotal role in achieving the organisation’s collective aspirations. An ongoing process of decentralisation gives sections full freedom to select, adapt and implement educational concepts with the aim of achieving the greatest possible local impact. With the establishment of two new sections, in Colombia and Peru, the ITI now has 36 sections.

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