7th ITI Consensus Conference findings have been released

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Latest findings of the ITI Consensus Conference are now available

ITI Consensus Conferences are a robust source of reviewed academic data for dental professionals in all specialties. (Image: Zamzrnuti tonovi/Shutterstock)

BASEL, Switzerland: The findings of the seventh ITI Consensus Conference, held in Lisbon in Portugal in May 2023, are now available. Covering a range of topics, including surgical techniques and the latest technology, the findings have been published as a free open-access online supplement to Clinical Oral Implants Research and can be downloaded from the International Team for Implantology (ITI) website and Wiley Online Library.

At its seventh ITI Consensus Conference, the ITI gathered together more than 90 professionals from all over the world to review the current state of evidence in five areas of topical interest in implant dentistry: surgical techniques, technology, oral medicine, patient benefits, and implant placement and loading protocols. Based on 13 previously submitted review papers, the participants of the three-day conference prepared consensus statements, clinical recommendations and recommendations for future research in the following five areas:

  1. the role of bone dimensions and soft-tissue augmentation in procedures in the stability of clinical, radiographic and patient-reported outcomes of implant treatment;
  2. technological developments in implant prostheses;
  3. materials and anti-resorptive drug-associated outcomes in implant dentistry;
  4. patient benefits after implant treatment in partially and completely edentulous patients; and
  5. implant placement and loading protocols.

“Implants are now a common occurrence in daily practice, and consensus-based clinical recommendations are a vital component in an evidence-based approach to implant therapy. Our statements and clinical recommendations will guide the implant dentistry community for the coming five years,” said ITI President Dr Charlotte Stilwell. “Open access to all the findings of our consensus conferences ensures that as broad an audience as possible can apply the latest evidence-based treatment approaches in their daily practice.”

The full supplement to Clinical Oral Implants Research, titled “Proceedings of the Seventh ITI Consensus Conference”, is available for download from the ITI website at www.iti.org.

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