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PANAVIA and KATANA: The perfect combination

Kuraray Noritake Dental's PANAVIA V5 is a dual-cure resin cement that, with KATANA Zirconia, makes an ideal team for indirect restorations. (Photograph: Kuraray Noritake Dental)
Kuraray Noritake Dental

Kuraray Noritake Dental

Tue. 16. October 2018


Scientific research has demonstrated that, when bonding zirconia, optimal bond values can only be achieved with resin cements—specifically, MDP monomer-based resin cements. With PANAVIA V5, we offer a dual-cure resin cement with dentine bond strengths equal to our gold standard light-cure bonding agent CLEARFIL SE BOND, even when used in self-cure mode. Through our KATANA Zirconia range, Kuraray Noritake Dental presents a ceramic material for restorative procedures that has excellent translucency and shade options. Together, PANAVIA V5 and KATANA Zirconia make an ideal team for durable and reliable indirect restorations.

In 1983, Kuraray introduced its patented MDP monomer in PANAVIA EX cement. With its clinically proven adhesion, our PANAVIA family has set the industry standard for adhesion for over 30 years. As the newest addition to the PANAVIA cement line, PANAVIA V5 provides strong bonding not just to zirconia but to hydroxyapatite and metals as well. Unlike other dual-cure resin cements, PANAVIA V5 offers improved bond strength to all tooth structures. Simple to use and with predictable results, PANAVIA V5 is unique in its user friendliness and procedural consistency.

KATANA Zirconia
Our KATANA Zirconia discs are processed using a proprietary zirconia powder, allowing it to have as natural a translucency and colour as possible. The KATANA range consists of several options designed for full-contour zirconia prostheses, from single crown to full arch: KATANA Zirconia UTML (Ultra Translucent Multi Layered), STML (Super Translucent Multi Layered), ML (Multi Layered) and HT (High Translucent). The multilayered build-up of KATANA Zirconia STML provides a translucency and chroma that gradually decrease from the cervical to incisal regions, just like natural dentition. KATANA Zirconia UTML is perfect for anterior restorations, such as veneers, owing to its natural translucency and colour gradient. With a flexural strength considerably higher than that of lithium disilicate, KATANA Zirconia has the mechanical and aesthetic properties to achieve well-balanced restorations between natural teeth in the anterior zone.

An ideal team
PANAVIA V5 provides a strong and durable bond between KATANA Zirconia-based restorations and the tooth structure. PANAVIA V5 resin cement offers optimal margins and predictable restorations. Always use PANAVIA V5 Tooth Primer for the pretreatment of the tooth and CLEARFIL CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS for the priming of the restoration.

“We’re thrilled by the possibilities presented from the combination of PANAVIA V5 and KATANA Zirconia,” said Mitsuru Takei, Head of Technical Services at Kuraray Europe. “Together, they make achieving natural-looking restorations easier than ever.”

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