Kuraray Noritake – K-ETCHANT Syringe

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Kuraray Noritake – K-ETCHANT Syringe


K-ETCHANT GEL is a thixotropic etching gel which is used to etch tooth enamel, dentin, ceramics, hybrid ceramics and cured composites for adhesive restorations.

Its special feature; when you shake the bottle, the contecnt becomes liquid, simplifying the application of K-ETCHANT GEL. When it comes into

contact with oxygen, it reverts to the gel state, ensuring that only those areas which are supposed to be treated are etched.


  • Thixotropic properties provide controlled appliction
  • 40% phosphoric acid


• Etching of enamel, especially uncut enamel and dentin
• Cleaning of the ceramic, hybrid ceramic, composite resin or metal restoration surface
• Activation of the surface of silica-based ceramic or composite resin restorations