Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Zirconia YML

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Kuraray Noritake – KATANA Zirconia YML


The latest KATANA multi-layer disc with a well-balanced combination of color/translucency and flexural strength gradation.

Long and complex geometries need ultimate strength, monolithic aesthetics an ultra-high incisal translucency. For a long time, these properties have been mutually exclusive, but they no longer are. With its strong body and highly translucent enamel layer, KATANA Zirconia YML offers the properties needed for an unlimited indication range.

It is based on a new multi-layer technology featuring newly developed zirconia raw materials with different yttria concentrations integrated into a four-layer color structure. The result is a chroma, translucency and flexural strength gradation with a seamless structure that makes it extraordinarily easy to produce high-quality, lifelike restorations – including monolithic long-span bridges.


  • Long-span bridges
  • Three-unit bridges
  • Crowns
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Laminate veneers

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast processingHigh-speed sintering (54 minutes) offers completely new possibilities. Waiting time is reduced to a minimum. For re-make and rush cases, it is now possible to finish the work easily within one day.
  • All-in-one solutionDue to the high translucency and high strength combined within one disc, the entire indication spectrum can be covered.
  • Simple aestheticsA seamless multi-layered technology eliminates visible transition lines, emphasizing natural color and translucency, that ensures a simplified, time-saving procedure.
  • Controlled firing deformationImproving the fitting accuracy of restorations after the final sintering process reduces risk of remanufacturing, which is definitely one added benefit for dental labs. No waste of time and materials